New Jersey EMSAR is an independently owned service organization dedicated to providing high quality service and repair of medical and emergency equipment. We also sell parts and refurbished epuipment. We are proud to be part of a nationwide group of service centers serving all of the US and Canada.

New Jersey EMSAR provides both warranty and non-warranty support for our client manufacturers such as Ferno and Stryker. In recognition of our commitment to quality and customer service, leading manufacturers have granted us exclusive authorization to repair and maintain their equipment. Each New Jersey EMSAR technician has been extensively trained and awarded the applicable certifications. We are proud to the only company that uses exclusively manufacturer’s parts.

We keep a large inventory of parts in stock to ensure the swiftest turn around time possible and eliminating costly shipping costs. For your convenience, our team of certified and trained technicians use "Mobile Repair Units" so that we come to you. You don't waste time and money getting to us.

Our customers include private and municipal EMS service providers, funeral homes, long-term care facilities, dentists, and hospitals. We represent a variety of manufacturers and are the only service organization authorized to service both Ferno-Washington and Stryker products.

In 1993, New Jersey EMSAR became the third service center signed onto the national EMSAR system.

Long before that, the company started from humble roots as Trenton Surgical Supply (TSS), which was opened in the early 1900’s by a woman named Mary Invidiado. She built a very successful business around handmade corsets, support hose, and mastectomy products. In the early 1970’s she became very ill with cancer. During her illness, her granddaughter Patricia Eppolito, did more than just care of her. Patricia cared for the business by keeping the customers happy with the products and services they relied on.

Before long Patricia's husband Sal, a member of a local volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad, made a great discovery. He found that TSS had access to distributors of many products used on ambulances. He quickly earned a reputation for reliably delivering much of the equipment used by most of the area ambulance squads. Encouraged by this success, Patricia and Sal expanded their coverage area and extended their product catalog to include a greater range of supplies, more high end equipment, and various training aids to better serve the growing Emergency Medical Service industry.

Occasionally customers would call seeking repairs on the equipment they had purchased. Sal would do whatever was necessary to provide the highest level of customer service available. To meet a growing demand, TSS began repairing equipment where they could. Quite often, their sons Angelo and Chris, would spend time at the store after school and on weekends. Sal learned that Chris showed quite an affinity for the work. After a customer, Kingston First Aid Squad, called to report that their Ferno model 30 had a broken bed tube, Chris replaced the needed Ferno part. This repair became the first of many stretchers that Chris Eppolito, Trenton Surgical, and eventually EMSAR New Jersey would repair.

In mid 1984, Chris introduced a full time service department to compliment the supply business. This new department would not only handle repairs, but also provide preventative maintenance on most products sold by TSS. TSS was now repairing and maintaining equipment from New York City, all of New Jersey, Delaware, and Washington DC, half of the State of Pennsylvania, and parts of Maryland and northern Virginia.

In 1993 TSS was invited by the newly formed EMSAR to join the national network being assembled. The Eppolito family recognized the opportunity to further advance the offerings to their customers. EMSAR was conceived with the same principles that TSS had always believed in: To offer quality service and repair while providing the highest customer service available.

Today, New Jersey EMSAR is proud of its past and optimistic of the future. We now employ six technicians who cover most of New York City, all of New Jersey, and the south eastern counties of Pennsylvania. With the tireless help of the staff at our corporate office, we strive to uphold those very same high ideals envisioned by both Trenton Surgical Supply and EMSAR.